Apricum Consultant Arne Brodersen

Apricum Consultant
Arne Brodersen

Apricum is pleased to announce new hire Arne Brodersen who joins the team as consultant.  Arne has several years of consulting experience focused exclusively on the renewable energy and sustainability sectors. Prior to Apricum, he was a management consultant at Boston Consulting Group, where he worked on a range of projects including green hydrogen strategies, corporate decarbonization and the development of digital trading strategies for large European energy companies. Before that, he gained valuable experience and insights in renewable energy projects, energy finance and climate policies through a number of internships he completed at companies including a climate and clean energy consultancy, various climate and solar energy research institutes as well as a solar developer in Mexico.  Arne holds a master’s degree in renewable energy engineering and management, and a bachelor of science degree in geography with a focus on climate and renewable energy, both from the University of Freiburg, Germany.

We are very pleased to welcome Arne to the growing team at Apricum, where he will work on a wide variety of transaction advisory and strategy consulting projects.