Project Manager
Elian Pusceddu

Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory extends a warm welcome to Elian Pusceddu, a new project manager based in our Berlin office. With expertise in decarbonization of manufacturing industries and heat, energy storage and carbon capture and storage, Elian brings a wealth of technical and engineering skills to our strategy consulting team. By leveraging the skills and experience of talented employees like Elian, Apricum continues to empower clients with innovative strategies, optimized business plans and valuable market insights in the renewable energy field.

Elian’s core functional competencies include strategy development, business plan and roadmap development, technology assessments and policy advisory for governments. As the former CEO and co-founder of Gaia Membranes, Elian also brings valuable entrepreneurial experience to Apricum. In addition, his technical expertise extends to areas such as technical due diligence, decarbonization roadmap development and energy system integration strategy.

During his career, he has played a crucial role in key projects such as strategy development for CO₂ capture and transport value chains, business development support for CCS and hydrogen companies as well as market and policy landscapes for PE/infrastructure investors.

With a master’s degree in mechanical engineering from Cambridge University and a master’s in energy economics and policy from University College London, Elian possesses a strong academic foundation. Fluent in Italian and English, he enjoys rock climbing and music production in his free time.

We are excited to have Elian on board and eagerly anticipate his contributions, innovative approaches, and significant impact on our projects. Clients will benefit from his guidance through innovative strategies, optimized business plans, and valuable insights into market and policy landscapes. Learn more about Elian’s background and achievements on his LinkedIn profile.

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