Motivated to do more to help accelerate the clean energy transition, Alexandra left McKinsey & Company where she was an engagement manager to join Apricum in February 2023. Here she combines her passion for technology and the renewable energy sector with solid management consulting experience to lead teams across a range of projects at Apricum.

Let’s find out more about Alexandra.

Why did you decide to join Apricum?

Several years ago, I decided to dedicate more of my time to solving pressing climate change challenges. These challenges, including the wider deployment of renewable energy technologies, are not easy to solve and require true technological and strategic expertise. Here I feel Apricum is at the forefront, combining deep knowledge of the industry with a drive for excellence, best practice and the fast pace of big consulting firms. This unique blend makes Apricum the perfect platform to make a meaningful impact in cleantech.

How is Apricum different from other consultancies you’ve worked at?

First of all, Apricum possesses deep-seated expertise and specialization in the field of cleantech. Unlike other consultancies that offer a broad range of services across various industries, Apricum’s focused knowledge and experience in cleantech allow for a heightened level of insights, tailored strategies and cutting-edge solutions specific to this dynamic sector. As a project manager, I am confident I will always get support from the experts in the field, whatever I am working on.

Moreover, Apricum distinguishes itself through its nimble and entrepreneurial spirit. As a boutique consultancy, it possesses the agility and flexibility to adapt quickly to the evolving needs of clients and the rapidly changing cleantech landscape. This enables Apricum to offer customized and forward-thinking solutions.

How would you describe Apricum in three words?

Impact. Knowledge. Team.

How do you like to spend your downtime?

During the weekdays, I try to prioritize activities that help me switch off and recover from the intellectually challenging tasks of the day. I find that reading a good book for 20–30 minutes works best for this – right now I am catching up on the British school curriculum for literature! At the weekend, I try to find any opportunity to stay active – I’ve recently gotten into rowing and find it a great way to spend time in nature with other people while exercising.

What advice would you give your younger self / someone seeking a career in cleantech?

Try out as many industries and problems as possible. Cleantech has a lot of areas, and it’s hard to choose one without learning about them first. Cleantech consulting can be a great way to do it. And rest assured – there are plenty of challenges to solve for the coming decades.


University of Oxford
MSc in energy systems

National Research University Higher School of Economics, Moscow
Bachelor of Business Informatics


We are actively working on our goal of achieving equal representation of women at Apricum. We are committed to an inclusive company culture, offering equal opportunities, and fostering transparent and open communication. We act on what arises in quarterly mentee chats and honor upward feedback. This, we will always continue to do. If you would like to work at Apricum, please visit our careers page for a list of vacancies. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Cate Holtz, Talent Acquisition and Development Manager.

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