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Apricum Senior Consultant Meishi Tan presented the topic of PThe Hungry Dragon – Explaining China’s 50 GW+ PV Market in 2017 in SolarPower Europe’s webinar on Tuesday January 23, 2018.

At the beginning of 2017, the big question regarding solar in China was whether they could repeat the stunning ~35 GW performance of 2016. Yet, over the course of the year, the question transformed, quite surreally, to whether China would hit the 50 GW mark in 2017 – essentially, the sum total installations of the rest of the world combined.

In this webinar, Apricum Senior Consultant Meishi Tan addressed some of the key questions that have been on everybody’s mind:

  • What exactly is causing the growth surge?
  • Is it possible that forecasts of 55 GW actually underestimate the market?
  • What could sustain this gargantuan domestic industry in 2018 and beyond?

To view the webinar, please contact SolarPower Europe.