Apricum Consultant
Philipp Braukmann

Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory is happy to welcome its newest consultant, Philipp Braukmann. Philipp has joined Apricum’s Berlin headquarters where his finance and cleantech consulting skills will help Apricum’s customers accelerate the global renewable energy transition while meeting their business goals.

Prior to joining Apricum, Philipp was an intern at the German state-owned investment and development bank KfW DEG. In addition to energy storage, green mobility, and solar energy knowledge, Philipp’s experience covers due diligence, private equity investment evaluation, and market research. Some of Philipp’s recent projects include due diligence support for several sell-side projects in the German Mittelstand and carbon market research carried out for a private equity fund investment.

Fluent in German, English and Spanish, Philipp has a bachelor’s degree in business administration from the university of Cologne, and earned his master’s in international trade, finance, and development from the Barcelona School of Economics. Philipp also spent a semester studying abroad in Colombia and enjoys cycling, sailing and travelling in his free time.

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