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We are proud of the successful fundraises, M&A deals and other transactions in the cleantech space that we have guided to success – with over 400 completed projects and counting. Our deep financial expertise, extensive high-level network, tailored and innovative approach, real-time insights and independent advice has made a broad range of transactions possible.

selected corporate transactions


JV formation





Sell-side M&A

Value not disclosed





Sell-side M&A

Value not disclosed

Octopus Energy Group



Strategic Advisor, Commercial Due Diligence





Value not disclosed

HV Capital

Strategic Advisor






Strategic Advisor

Equity story

Bank consortium

Reactive Technologies

Series C Fundraise


Investors: BGF,
Breakthrough Energy Ventures, Eaton

Meyer Burger

Debt raising


Bank consortium

Upside Energy Limited

Sale of majority

Value not disclosed


Octopus Energy Group

eternal sun

Sale of Majority

Value not disclosed

Investor: ABN AMRO ETF

Nomadd Cepco


Series B Fundraise

Value not disclosed

Investor: CEPCO (Saudi Arabia)



Strategic Investment

Value not disclosed

Investor: Zahid Group (Saudi Arabia)

Al-Babtain and haizea wind group

Al-Babtain Power & Telecom and haizea wind group

Joint Venture

Wind tower manufacturing

Al-Babtain and Metalogalva

Al-Babtain Power & Telecom and Metalogalva

Joint Venture

PV mounting structure manufacturing

Irolli and Risen

Joint Venture

PV module manufacturing

Convergent Energy + Power

Convergent Energy & Power

Strategic Investment

Value not disclosed

Investor: Equinor

German ASEAN Power

German ASEAN Power

Sale of 50%

Value not disclosed

Investor: Habdank (Germany)

Dallah Albaraka

Sol Voltaics

Series C Fundraise

$17m (total)

Investor: Riyadh Valley Company (Saudi Arabia)


Eos Energy Storage

Series C Fundraise

$23m (total)

Investor: OCI (Korea)

​selected project transactions


STEG Renewable Energy Tender

500 MW Tunisia

Financial Advisor to Bidder

Greencells Group

Pekan LSS2 IPP

30 MWac Malaysia

Financial Advisor

Nomadd Cepco

Kawar Energy

Electrical Storage System Project

30 MW/60 MWh Jordan



Ibri II Solar IPP

500 MWac Oman

Financial Advisor

Al-Babtain and haizea wind group

JGC, Trina Solar, Taqnia, AlJomaih

Sakaka Solar IPP

300 MWac Saudi Arabia

Financial Advisor

Convergent Energy + Power

Convergent Energy & Power

Energy Storage Project Finance

12 MW storage portfolio Canada

Commercial Advisor


Al Jouf and Rafha Solar SEC IPP

100 MWp Saudi Arabia

Commercial Advisor

German ASEAN Power

Jinko Solar

Sheikh Maktoum Solar Park DEWA IPP Phase 3

800 MWp UAE

Commercial Advisor

Dallah Albaraka

Dallah Albaraka

Jordan Direct Proposal Solar IPP Program Round 2

50 MWp Jordan

Commercial Advisor

We work with a variety of organizations across many markets: Holdings and multi-national companies, midsize companies, technology start-ups, investment firms, academic and research centers and government agencies – and focus on their diverse and individual needs.

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“We were pleasantly surprised with the level of support Apricum’s team provided.”

Apricum’s flexibility and ability to work with new partners for project delivery, coupled with their profound knowledge of both the solar industry and the M&A space made our entry into assessing renewable energy projects a very rewarding experience. They were always very open to sharing information and experiences which assisted us in building capacity and understanding the performance and structuring for successful utility scale solar PV projects.

Marcia Maynard

Vice-President-Sustainable Energy Development, National Energy Corporation of Trinidad and Tobago Limited

“Working together with Apricum was a great experience”
Apricum combines deep technology and market knowledge with a customer centric, tailored and professional approach. This combination was key as we set the focal points along the project jointly resulting in real co-creation and tangible results which is the valuable fundament for our next steps.”

Michael Stipa

VP Strategy, Product and Business Development Stationary, Rolls-Royce Power Systems

“It’s not obvious to me if there are any areas you could have done better…. we definitely picked the right Advisor…”
Apricum struck the right balance of a structured and thoughtful approach, while remaining flexible to pivot and modify when necessary. It was clear to me that the Apricum staff had a good command of the vehicle-grid integration space (both technical and business), and the rigor that you brought in the overall approach and process was exactly what we needed. The Apricum team was extremely professional, personable and delivered the objectives.”

David McCreadie

Manager of EV Energy and Data Services, Ford Motor Company

“Working together with Apricum in the field of smart charging was definitely the right decision!”
Alongside the great expertise, always being well-structured, finding realistic solutions and the willingness to go the extra mile, it was the relaxed mood even under pressure that made the project successful.”

Dr. Markus Seidel

Head of Mergers & Acquisitions, BMW Group

“…their approach to diligence and expert investment advice makes them feel more like a co risk-taker than an advisor…”
The Apricum team’s approach to diligence and expert investment advice makes them feel more like a co risk-taker than an advisor; we rarely find this sense of partnership and genuine concern for our long-term interests in investments from other bankers and consultants. With our commitment to the energy transition, we look forward to successful collaboration with Apricum long into the future.” 

David Haughie

Managing director, investments and structuring, Mercuria

“….we were impressed by their deal track record and team capabilities and decided to work with them again…”

Apricum supported Sunrock in defining our European expansion strategy. We were impressed by the combination of their rooftop solar industry knowledge, deal track record and team quality/capabilities and decided to work with them again in the next step.”

Johannes Duijzer

CEO, Sunrock

“…their professionalism and dedicated support were instrumental…”

“We were very impressed by the high caliber investors Apricum brought to us as well as their transaction expertise and deep understanding of the power grid industry and its technical complexities. Their professionalism and dedicated support throughout the entire process were instrumental in concluding this fundraising round so successfully.”


CEO, Reactive Technologies

“Their indepth knowledge of the global rooftop solar market was of great value to us.”

Apricum provided us with very detailed data and insights on rooftop solar – a highly important market segment for us. Working with them really helped us in identifying interesting growth markets as well as targeting promising trends. Their indepth knowledge of the global rooftop solar market was of great value to us.

Stijn Vos

CEO, Enstall

“Apricum’s expertise crucial to refining our approach…”

“Apricum has been a terrific partner for our company, initially as Avalon Battery then after our merger with redT Energy to form Invinity Energy Systems. Not only was Apricum’s expertise crucial to refining our approach to capital markets, but their insights into the broader energy ecosystem were tremendously valuable in understanding, evaluating and crafting the commercial positioning of our vanadium flow batteries for potential customers and strategic partners.”


Co-Founder and Chief Commercial Officer, Invinity Energy Systems

“…exceptional network and access to top decision makers”

“Apricum supported us in a strategic partner search conducted in five countries on four continents. We were very impressed with their exceptional network and access to top decision makers in each target country. Apricum introduced us to highly targeted, high-level companies with the exact strategic fit we were looking for.”

Raymond Wang

Executive Vice President, Sungrow China

“ …their execution expertise and high commitment from beginning to end were crucial to successfully closing the deal.”

“We thank Apricum for making this transaction happen. Their access to decision makers among investors worldwide, deep understanding of the solar industry, their execution expertise and high commitment from beginning to end were crucial to successfully closing the deal.”

Andreas Hoffmann

CEO, Greencells

“…their truly global network of relevant investors impressed us greatly.”

“Apricum’s deep understanding of solar technology and markets, as well as their truly global network of relevant investors impressed us greatly. Their professionalism and expert input into our strategy and business model were instrumental for the successful conclusion of this fundraising round.”



“They were key to enabling us to make a decision.”

“We were impressed by the combination of analytical skills and industry knowledge. They were key to enabling us to make a decision.”

Robert Schrimpff

Partner, Greencoat Capital

“Their output and insights helped us refine our own strategic priorities.”

“Apricum quickly grasped the key drivers and intricacies behind a complex technical market and developed a robust model to estimate the market size across several unique customer segments. Their output and insights helped us refine our own strategic priorities by significantly improving the quality of the facts we had on the table.”

Leif Andreassen

chief financial officer, Evyon

We couldn’t have made a better choice and the value add was tangible.

Apricum combines a truly differentiating understanding of the new technologies driving the energy transition with the best-in-class quality of legacy consulting firms. We couldn’t have made a better choice, and the value add was tangible. In the past, before learning about Apricum, we hired some of the traditional consulting firms for our processes, but they lacked the flexibility and speed to ramp-up their expertise in new industrial verticals, and that came at the cost of our clients and processes. Going forward we will continue recommending Apricum as our top pick for any of our clients seeking to hire a commercial advisor for maximizing the success of its process.”

Alessandro Frangi

Executive Director, UBS

“With Apricum’s deep expertise…we were able to make an informed decision…”

“Apricum helped HV during our SPV DD in assessing the quality of Enpal’s SPVs. With Apricum’s deep expertise we were able to holistically look at both the technical and financial quality of Enpal’s portfolio and make an informed decision with regard to an investment into Germany’s largest residential PV installer.”

Maximilian Zoller

Principal, HV Capital

​“Apricum…a key support for us.”

“I’m really excited for Upside as we become part of Octopus Energy Group and take advantage of the opportunities this acquisition will bring. Apricum, with its industry knowledge, network and transaction experience was a key support for us.”



“Apricum’s advisory service has proved highly effective in assisting the development of our corporate strategy…”

“Apricum’s advisory service has proved highly effective in assisting the development of our corporate strategy. They have an excellent understanding of the renewable energy industry and did a great job of finding the right partners for Al-Babtain. Working with Apricum not only helped to confirm our strategic direction, but also enabled our team to build relationships with key members of the renewable energy industry.”

Tamer Kalou

Group Chief Operating Officer, Al-Babtain Power & Telecommunication Co.

“Apricum’s team is world class…”

“Apricum played a crucial role in the final close of our successful series C equity raise by bringing in a key strategic investor, which diversifies our investor base. Apricum’s team is world class and their network of global relationships to decision makers of major strategic companies is very impressive and made all the difference.”

Michael Oster

CEO, Eos Energy Storage

“profound expertise…visionary thinking…”

“Apricum has done a great job shaping our electric vehicle strategy. The team has demonstrated profound expertise regarding the EV value chain and market dynamics. Moreover, they have been able to combine visionary thinking with recommendations for short-term execution.“



“…profound technical competence in photovoltaics…”

“Apricum’s technical competence in photovoltaics is excellent – very profound indeed. They identify trends at a very early stage, allowing the client to take the right choices and come up with correct approaches to participate in this highly dynamic market. Good to work with.”

Matthias Hau

Vice President & General Manager, Business Line Agrochemicals & Polymer Additives, Advanced Intermediates, Evonik Industries AG

“…high degree of professionalism and left us in no doubt of their credentials as renewable energy experts.”

“We are already active in the renewable energy sector and are considering extending our activities into solar and wind.  Apricum identified key solar and wind markets for which they provided a thorough and insightful analysis including potential business opportunities for us. We were impressed with their detailed level of knowledge of the selected solar and wind markets, particularly in regard to current developments and the opportunities arising from them. They exhibited a high degree of professionalism and left us in no doubt of their credentials as renewable energy experts.”

Head of Corporate Development

Multi-billion euro company in the international oil and energy business, headquartered in Germany

“Overall extremely impressed by Apricum.”

“Overall extremely impressed by Apricum. As an ex-McKinsey person, I think Apricum brings every bit of the management consulting toolbox into the project, on top of an industry depth in the day-to-day team that is truly impressive and rare in the consulting world.”



“…superior professionalism and reliability – simply a pleasure to work with.”

“In-depth stationary storage expertise… a pleasure to work with. Apricum supported us in several strategy projects as well as with a comprehensive analysis of cost structures for our stationary battery storage business. Their in-depth stationary storage expertise in this sector is impressive as is their superior professionalism and reliability – simply a pleasure to work with.“



“…versatility that you find rarely among consultants.”

“We deliberately chose Apricum as a boutique consulting firm on a recent due diligence project in the photovoltaic industry. The team demonstrated the highest level of competence down from the minute technical details of photovoltaic production processes up to an excellent understanding of the industry dynamics and the key strategic implications – a versatility that you find rarely among consultants. From day one, they brought their comprehensive sector knowledge to the table. Their reports were very focused without limitations on necessary detail. They served the objective of our engagement very well.”

Rabeaa Fattal

Director, Swicorp Private Equity

“… robust expert advise, even for niche segments.”

“Apricum supported us in a diverse set of strategy projects over the years, including topics related to digital energy, maritime batteries and battery recycling. We highly appreciate Apricum’s comprehensive coverage of the cleantech sector in combination with their ability to drill down deeply into specific areas, providing robust expert advice even for niche segments. Furthermore, Apricum’s flexibility in the way of collaboration – from embedding our own team members to fully independent work execution – allows for support exactly tailored to our individual needs.”

Rune Bruøygard

VP Head of Business Development , Hydro Batteries

“We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Apricum team.”

“We want to extend our heartfelt thanks to the Apricum team for their support through this fundraising process. It was certainly not an easy one and their guidance throughout was very welcome. The funds will allow us to start our growth plan investments into our technology and manufacturing operations with a cornerstone investor.”

Alistair Munro

CEO and Founder , Ryse Energy

A selection of our clients

Client case studies

Strategy consulting: Corporate strategy

Meyer Burger

About the project

Apricum provided strategic guidance and implementation support to help client transform from PV manufacturing equipment provider to become PV cells and module manufacturer and enter the European PV manufacturing market.

Continue reading

Strategy consulting: Industry mapping

Hanwha Q CELLS

About the project

Apricum provided an overview of the renewable energy industry and relevant adjacent areas by mapping the respective value chains. A main result was identifying key strategic patterns/shifts by major players in selected areas, e.g., driven by EU policy.

Continue reading

Transaction advisory: Investor search


About the client

Greencells is one of the largest European solution providers of solar photovoltaic (PV) power plants. Apricum led a comprehensive structured transaction process to support Greencells’ growth ambitions, resulting with the strategic investment from OMAS, a wholly-owned subsidiary of The Zahid Group in return for a 50% stake in Greencells. Continue reading

Transaction advisory: Joint venture

Al-Babtain Power & Telecom

About the client

Al-Babtain Power & Telecom (ABPT) is a Saudi-Arabia based holding with activities in a number of industrial sectors such as telecommunication, construction and energy. ABPT decided to enter the PV tracker business as a component manufacturer, with a view to gaining substantial traction in Saudi Arabia and the broader MENA region by supplying locally manufactured steel components. Continue reading

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