• Apricum on campus at ESMT Business School, offering valuable insights and opportunities to students passionate about cleantech consulting
  • Apricum´s presentation showcased its commitment to talent development by providing students with a comprehensive understanding of the cleantech consulting landscape and internship opportunities

Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory took center stage at ESMT Business School on January 16, 2024, presenting a unique blend of insights, opportunities and a commitment to shaping the future of cleantech consulting. The session featured key representatives from Apricum, including Principal Erik Klaassen, an ESMT MBA alumnus, who shared the company’s vision for driving the energy revolution. Additionally, consultants Gretta Nikkare and Philip Grabowski provided firsthand accounts of their experiences in the dynamic field of cleantech consulting. Talent Acquisition Manager Cate Holtz was also present and shared Apricum’s commitment to talent development.

Apricum demonstrated its dedication to developing talent by giving students a thorough overview of the cleantech consulting industry and internship possibilities.

The presentation began with an introduction to the company’s exclusive dedication to the cleantech industry. In a world where climate change stands as humanity’s greatest challenge, Apricum’s vision is clear: to drive the energy revolution by providing strategic guidance and connecting clients with opportunities that enlarge their business.

The presentation delved into the excitement of cleantech consulting, highlighting the sector’s dynamic nature, exponential growth and the diverse array of technologies that consultants at Apricum engage with.

Furthermore, students had the unique opportunity to directly engage with two of Apricum’s new consultants, Gretta and Philip. These seasoned professionals shared compelling stories about their backgrounds and offered insights into why they chose Apricum as the launchpad for their careers in cleantech consulting. This personal touch not only provided students with a glimpse into the diverse journeys that lead individuals to Apricum but also showcased the company’s appeal as a preferred destination for those passionate about making a meaningful impact in the renewable energy sector.

A pivotal aspect of Apricum’s presentation at ESMT Business School was the unveiling of internship and full-time positions – a testament to our commitment to nurturing talent and fostering growth. The session provided in-depth insights into the application process for internships and full-time roles, offering a clear roadmap for students eager to embark on a career in cleantech consulting. From understanding the intricacies of crafting a compelling application to navigating the interview process, Apricum’s representatives provided valuable tips and guidance to set aspiring candidates on a path to success.

The Q&A segment further enriched the discussion, allowing students to seek clarification on internship details, explore potential career trajectories and gain a deeper understanding of Apricum’s work culture.

Apricum’s presence at ESMT Business School was not just about recruitment; it was a testament to the company’s commitment to diversity, sustainability and empowering future leaders in the cleantech industry. Beyond job openings, the event symbolized Apricum’s dedication to nurturing talent, regardless of background and contributing to a future where expertise is valued, and the energy revolution is a collective endeavor.

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