Apricum Analyst
Despina Kavouna

Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory is thrilled to welcome Despina Kavouna to its growing team. As a new analyst on our London Transaction Advisory team, Despina will play a key role in assisting Apricum’s clients in navigating the complexities of the renewable energy landscape. With a wealth of knowledge in regulatory strategy, economic modeling, and market analysis, her experience in carbon capture usage and storage, integrated utilities, and the UK wholesale energy market will help further Apricum’s goal of accelerating the global energy transition.

Before joining Apricum, Despina was a senior analyst at Ernst & Young and worked on a variety of projects, including advising on a benchmarking analysis and pricing methodology for a Power Purchase Agreement transaction for a water company and conducting the modeling and analysis of the future of network charging in Great Britain, for a utility provider. Additionally, she honed her skills while analyzing the implications of future changes to the electricity market arrangements in Great Britain and Europe for a generator of renewable energy and supported the development of a carbon capture usage and storage regulatory framework with a focus on creating a regulated asset base model.

Despina holds a Bachelor’s in economics from University College London and is fluent in both English and Greek. The entire Apricum team warmly welcomes Despina and looks forward to her skills, passions, and experiences playing a crucial role in ensuring that our clients achieve their business objectives while championing climate change solutions.

Connect with Despina on Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/despina-kavouna-a5201a188/  

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