Jesselyn joined Apricum in late 2018 as a consultant after completing an internship with us. As an outstanding intern, we were happy she accepted our offer to join the consulting team and she has continued to impress by working her way up through consultant and senior consultant levels to project manager in just four years.

With degrees in engineering and management, and around eight years of experience in the energy industry, Jesselyn is one of our solar PV, energy storage and digital energy experts and has completed more than 40 projects so far with Apricum.

Before joining Apricum, Jesselyn was an energy trader at American-owned utility AES Philippines Inc. and was later promoted to commercial planning specialist where she put her analysis and modelling skills to use.

Let’s find out more about Jesselyn.

How have you grown or developed since joining Apricum?

I started out as a newbie in consulting/cleantech when I first joined as an intern, but after five years I’ve dealt with some of the most complex projects, worked with the biggest names in the industry and covered a wide range of topics. I can’t imagine developing the breadth of expertise and steep learning curve as I have – while still being focused on cleantech – anywhere else.

What do you appreciate most about the working environment at Apricum?

It is collegial. Hierarchy is limited and I can approach anyone for questions, ideas and support – which was very important especially when I was starting out in my career. As I move up the ranks at Apricum, I also feel I have more control over the way I work and more influence over the culture I want for the company. I also appreciate the limited politics and bureaucracy at Apricum, which might be present in bigger firms.

How would you describe Apricum in three words?

Challenging. Exciting. Impactful.

What do you like to do in your free time?

I spend a lot of time taking care of my plants. I like being surrounded by nature and green, so I have a mini jungle garden at home. I also enjoy sports like rock climbing and yoga in the park when the weather is nice. I like to cultivate my creative side with painting and calligraphy. I also enjoy making cocktails, watching a movie or catching up on my favorite series and I’m also working hard on improving my German skills too.

Have you ever felt that you had to prove yourself as a woman in consulting?

Yes. I was lucky enough to have a female mentor at the start of my career, so I had a female role model. But in general, when I go to conferences and interact with clients, I can’t help thinking that the energy industry is still a male-dominated field. If I can be that same role model for others, and also in a more practical way help women get into cleantech consulting, then that would be amazing.

When did you decide to peruse a career in cleantech?

Back in 2016. I used to work for a coal power plant in the Philippines. There, I gained a deep appreciation of the energy industry and its impact on people and nation building. But I also realized working with fossil fuels is not something I want to pursue personally. So, I went to Europe to study energy and environmental management and engineering and pursued my career in cleantech after that.

So far, what has been your favorite project?

Working with some of the largest automotive OEMs in the USA to help them develop an e-mobility business model and plan together. It was definitely a highlight since the work was very impactful. I played a direct role in how some of the biggest players in the EV space were going to move forward. I learned how to handle multiple stakeholders and dealing with more than one client in a single project. My own team from Apricum and those of the clients were a joy to work with – very professional and highly competent; everyone got on very well.


École des Mines de Nantes and Universidad Politécnica de Madrid
Master’s degree in management and engineering of environment and energy

University of the Philippines
BSc in chemical engineering


We are actively working on our goal of achieving equal representation of women at Apricum. We are committed to an inclusive company culture, offering equal opportunities, and fostering transparent and open communication. We act on what arises in quarterly mentee chats and honor upward feedback. This, we will always continue to do. If you would like to work at Apricum, please visit our careers page for a list of vacancies. For any questions, don’t hesitate to contact Cate Holtz, Talent Acquisition and Development Manager.

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