Apricum Senior Advisor Dr. Amer Alswaha

Apricum Senior Advisor       Dr. Amer Alswaha

With great pleasure, Apricum announces the appointment of Dr. Amer M Alswaha as senior advisor, one of the influential figures in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia’s energy sector.

Dr. Alswaha was the head of the independent power producers program from 2006 to 2014 at the Saudi Electricity Company (SEC), Saudi Arabia’s government majority-owned utility and main electricity provider. In this pivotal role, Dr. Alswaha was responsible for the implementation of an unprecedented privatization program that reformed Saudi Arabia’s power sector, providing a showcase for the entire MENA region. Spearheading Saudi Arabia’s much-needed power expansion, Dr. Alswaha oversaw the signing of power purchase agreements for four projects on a BOO (build, own, operate) basis, delivering an additional 9 GW of mostly combined-cycle generating capacity with an investment value of USD 9B.

Prior to that, Dr. Alswaha was a senior vice president of SEC and has extensive experience and expertise in the fields of system planning, system operations, IT and strategic planning. As one of the key figures in Saudi Arabia’s electricity sector reform, Dr. Alswaha brings unparalleled insight and knowledge of the Kingdom’s electricity sector and its key stakeholders.

Dr. Alswaha holds a Ph.D. in electrical engineering.

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