Apricum Senior Consultant
Arne Brodersen

Apricum Senior Consultant
Solbin Kim

Apricum Senior Consultant
Dr. Fabio Oldenburg

Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory is pleased to announce the promotions of Arne Brodersen, Solbin Kim and Dr. Fabio Oldenburg to the position of senior consultant.

Commenting on these promotions, Apricum Managing Partner Nikolai Dobrott said “It gives me great pleasure to recognize the important contributions of Arne, Solbin and Fabio who consistently demonstrate their outstanding capabilities across a variety of cleantech projects for companies globally. They all share formidable technical and strategic expertise, which they combine with strong business acumen, excellent initiative and diligence. Highly regarded by their colleagues and greatly appreciated by our clients for their exemplary service and professionalism, they play an integral role in Apricum’s success and growth as part of our talented team.” said Apricum Managing Partner Nikolai Dobrott.

Arne Brodersen will work as before on a wide range of strategy consulting and transaction advisory projects including strategy reviews, business model design, business plan development, investor search and M&A mandates across the solar, digital energy and e-mobility industries, among others.

Solbin Kim works on strategy and transaction advisory projects across a range of cleantech sectors, in particular, solar, green hydrogen, and digital energy on topics such as business plan development, strategy implementation, equity stories, fundraising, financial models, due diligence and M&A mandates.

Dr. Fabio Oldenburg works on a range of cleantech transaction advisory and strategy development projects at Apricum, in particular, energy storage, energy storage materials and green hydrogen including strategy reviews, business model design, business plan development, market feasibility studies, investor search and M&A mandates.

Arne, Solbin and Fabio will continue to work closely with Apricum’s management team Nikolai Dobrott, Frank Beckers, Florian Haacke, Charles Lesser and Florian Mayr.

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