Apricum Senior Advisor Detlev Hoge

Apricum Senior Advisor Detlev Hoge

Apricum – the cleantech advisory is pleased to announce that Dr. Detlev Hoge has joined its growing Berlin team as a senior advisor. In this role, Detlev will apply his broad range of consulting skills and deep climate-tech knowledge to support Apricum’s clients in developing effective business models that increase growth, improve efficiency and drive the global energy revolution.

Detlev brings more than 30 years of professional energy experience and during his career he has held senior positions in corporations like the automotive battery producer VARTA and Volkswagen. Detlev’s core climate tech competencies include hydrogen route power-to-X projects, electrolysis, methanol consumption, electromobility and battery solutions. In addition, Detlev’s strategy development skills, experience leading industrial transformation projects and an ability to develop effective concepts for the creation of greenhouse gas-neutral energy supply will be an asset to Apricum’s growing list of clients.

Detlev holds a PhD in physical chemistry from the University of Hannover and carried out post-doctoral research at the prestigious Fritz Haber Institute of the Max Planck Society in Berlin. Born in Benefeld, Germany, Detlev is a native German speaker that is fluent in English and enjoys traveling and playing golf in his free time.

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