Last month Apricum held its 2022 team offsite event in the lush forests of eastern Germany. On one hand it was an intense few days of strategy workshops, training sessions, and planning meetings. On the other, it was a festive occasion as it had been quite a long time since the Berlin, London, Paris, and Dubai teams could all meet together in one spot.

The offsite was a great opportunity for the Apricum team to get outdoors, spend some time in nature and reconnect with old colleagues while reinforcing relationships with those we might have only gotten to know through computer screens. Apricum Founder and Managing Partner, Nikolai Dobrott said, “In a virtual world, its essential that we get together face-to-face as a complete team to reflect on our achievements, hone our skills, and set goals for the future. But it’s equally important to create an opportunity to mentally reset and strengthen the personal bonds that make Apricum the success it is.”

In between sessions the team had time for shared dinners and lunches and, on day two, we held an exciting team challenge that pitted four Apricum teams against each other in tests of skill, accuracy, and collaboration





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