Apricum Senior Consultant
Ben Fulton

Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory is proud to announce the appointment of Ben Fulton as senior consultant, joining our rapidly expanding London office. With his extensive experience and exceptional skills, Ben will play a crucial role in supporting our clients, expanding their capabilities and helping them make informed decisions to succeed in the urgent mission of advancing the global transition to renewable energy.

Ben brings a wealth of expertise that covers strategy and roadmap development, scenario analysis, financial analysis, market analysis, option evaluation, as well as stakeholder and project management. His diverse skill set positions him as a valuable asset in guiding clients through the multifaceted challenges in the cleantech space.

Previously, Ben served as a senior associate at Boston Consulting Group, where he led various projects focusing on strategic planning and quantitative analysis. His notable achievements include leading complex systems modeling as part of a report into how renewable electricity can reduce New Zealand’s energy emissions by up to 70% and spearheading the development of a sector-wide net-zero transition plan for New Zealand’s oil and gas industry.

With a Master’s in business administration from INSEAD and a Bachelor’s in Engineering with First Class Honours from the University of Auckland, Ben combines academic excellence with practical experience. Fluent in English and proficient in French and having lived on three continents, he brings a global perspective and multicultural understanding to his work. Ben is an avid advocate for sustainability and in his free time, enjoys running and exploring new cultures. Connect with Ben on LinkedIn.

Apricum is thrilled to welcome Ben to our team, and we look forward to his valuable contributions in accelerating the renewable energy transition and empowering our clients with innovative solutions.

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