Apricum Senior Advisor Janet So

Apricum Senior Advisor
Janet So

Apricum is pleased to announce the appointment of Janet So to its team of senior advisors.

Mrs. So brings a wealth of experience in the areas of cross-border M&A, joint ventures and fundraising for startups across many different industries. Her in-depth knowledge of the Chinese overseas investor landscape paired with her extensive M&A track record allows Apricum to expand and grow into Chinese overseas transactions in the cleantech sector. Mrs. So is currently the director of business development at Trienergy M&A Advisory in Shanghai where she has skillfully created an M&A advisory platform for overseas investments. Although Mrs. So has a wealth of experience across many different industries, going forward she will be more actively involved in transactions within renewables and clean tech energy.

Mrs. So holds a M.Sc. degree from California State University as well as an EMBA from the National Taiwan University.

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