Apricum Senior Advisor
Dr. Oliver Langefeld

Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory is delighted to welcome Dr. Oliver Langefeld as the new senior advisor in our Berlin-based strategy consulting team. With deep knowledge and experience in the mining and mineral resources industry, Dr. Langefeld brings invaluable insights to our materials and technology practice, particularly in the areas of mining machinery, mining methods, responsible mining, mine safety, as well as post-mining waste management and disposal in deep mines. His expertise will help Apricum’s clients drive higher efficiencies and competitiveness.

Dr. Langefeld’s impressive background as a professor for underground mining methods and machinery at Clausthal University of Technology in Germany, along with his involvement with esteemed institutions such as the UNESCO World Heritage Site Rammelsberg Ore Mine and his membership on the editorial board of industry journals like Mining Reporter – Glückauf, Mining Technology and the International Journal of Mining Science and Technology, position him as a leading expert in his field.

Within our materials and technology practice, Dr. Langefeld’s focus areas encompass not only mining-related aspects but also extend to the critical intersection of materials and technologies in the cleantech industry. His unique insights into these areas will be instrumental in helping our clients achieve higher efficiencies, competitiveness, and sustainability in their operations.

We warmly welcome Dr. Oliver Langefeld to Apricum and eagerly anticipate the valuable contributions he will make in driving the advancement of mining technology for a cleaner and more sustainable future.

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