Apricum senior consultant Patrick Kallab

Senior Consultant
Patrick Kallab

Apricum – The Cleantech Advisory is delighted to announce that Patrick Kallab has joined our Paris office as a senior consultant. With expertise in cleantech consulting, particularly in the areas of sustainable development, agri-tech, public policy and healthcare, Patrick will contribute to the global renewable energy transition by helping our clients efficiently achieve their business goals in the cleantech space.

Patrick brings a wealth of functional competencies to our team, including strategy development and implementation, business plan and roadmap development, public sector advisory, data analysis and modeling as well as operating model design. With professional experience at Booz Allen Hamilton – Middle East and North Africa, his most notable experience is characterized by the development and implementation of large-scale sustainability and environment strategies for private and public sector players in the GCC. In these fields, Patrick’s expertise has contributed to achieving notable outcomes, such as the successful implementation of environmental strategies, establishing effective regulatory frameworks and developing sustainable agriculture and food trade practices.

Patrick holds a master’s degree in business administration from France’s Institut Européen d’Administration des Affaires (INSEAD) and a bachelor’s degree in civil engineering with a focus on public works and transportation. Fluent in Arabic, French and English, he brings a multicultural perspective to his work. Outside of his professional endeavors, Patrick enjoys hiking, climbing and exploring nature as well as  discovering new culinary experiences especially in the world of coffee

The Apricum team extends a warm welcome to Patrick and his knowledge, expertise, and passion for sustainability will undoubtedly enrich our efforts in accelerating the renewable energy transition to the benefit our clients and the environment. You can connect with Patrick on LinkedIn.

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