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Towards a subsidy-free era for China’s solar PV market

The rise and fall of feed-in tariffs By the end of 2018, only seven years after the introduction of a national feed-in tariff (FIT) support scheme in 2012, China was home to one third of the world’s cumulative photovoltaic capacity, with ~173 GW of cumulative PV... read more

How Chinese Policies Can Control the Global PV Market

In recent months, we saw a flurry of widely diverging predictions on the 2017 global PV market demand – 85 GW from GTM, 79 GW from IHS and Bloomberg, and 74 GW from EnergyTrend – the key differentiating variable being China, the world’s largest market by far with its... read more

Implications of the EU–China anti-dumping settlement

Agreement accelerates macro trends in PV industry Now that the dust has settled, it is time to have a closer look at the outcome of the recent trade dispute between the EU and China over alleged PV module price dumping. While the proposed anti-dumping measures... read more