Apricum Senior Advisor Tobias Schuett

Apricum Senior Advisor
      Tobias Schuett

Apricum – the Cleantech Advisory is happy to welcome Tobias Schuett to its advisory team. Tobias is a corporate finance and solar PV expert with a proven track record of successfully developing, executing and growing business opportunities in the solar energy space. He brings a wealth of finance knowledge that covers both large scale PV projects and residential PV start-ups with complex business models or portfolios. While his core skills lay in solar and banking, they also include business modelling, strategy development, roadmapping and financial structuring (specifically for long-term cash-flow business models) as well as project finance, equity finance and bankability management.

During his 20-year energy career, Tobias has held different senior positions at organizations like BP Solar, EPURON / Conergy Group and Deutsche Bank as well as founding and serving as CEO of Germany’s first solar-as-a-service company DZ-4 GmbH, which he grew to a successful SME business.

Tobias earned a master’s degree in economic engineering from the Nordakademie University of Applied Sciences in Elmshorn, Germany.  Fluent in English and German in addition to his Spanish skills, Tobias enjoys spending time with his family and bouldering in his free time. Apricum is delighted to have Tobias on the team and his  extensive experience and expertise will further strengthen our firm’s capabilities in the solar energy space.

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