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Insights into the cleantech industry by Florian Mayr

Florian Mayr


Florian Mayr is an expert for strategy, business development and transaction advisory in the global renewable energy markets, including energy storage. Florian leads Apricum’s energy storage practice and is responsible for the company’s international activities in this field.

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The pockets of energy storage opportunity

The stationary energy storage market is a complex animal. Probably only few other markets are based on a product as versatile and as suitable for a multitude of applications, with equally dynamic costs and pricing developments and the same level of dependence on... read more

The horsepower driving the “decade of energy storage”

The future for energy storage is bright. Fighting global climate change has become an undisputed imperative of our time, and renewable energy and e-mobility are key elements in this battle. Energy storage is closely interlinked to both: The first pushing up its... read more