Apricum Senior Advisor Moritz Sticher offered his expert insights for PV Magazine’s recent article on Malaysia’s plans to grant 4-year PPA extensions to bidders in large-scale solar tenders.

The Malaysian authorities have revealed that they will extend power purchase agreements from the fourth LSS4 tender for large-scale PV from 21 to 25 years.

“The extension gives confidence in the market regulator,” Moritz Sticher, a senior adviser at Berlin-based consulting firm Apricum, told PV Magazine. “Without such extension, we would have probably seen a number of stranded assets. That not only hinders reaching Malaysia’s [renewable energy] targets but is also detrimental in attracting investment.”

Read PV Magazine‘s article here, or explore Mortiz’s most-recent article: Solar power in ASEAN: market regulatory and M&A updates and highlights.

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