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Insights into the cleantech industry by Martin Milinski

Martin Milinski

marketing & communications manager


Apricum’s 2022 team offsite event

Last month Apricum held its 2022 team offsite event in the lush forests of eastern Germany. On one hand it was an intense few days of strategy workshops, training sessions, and planning meetings. On the other, it was a festive occassion as it had been quite a long... read more

Apricum welcomes hydrogen specialist Dr. Jamie Frew to its team

Apricum – the Cleantech Advisory is happy to welcome hydrogen energy expert Dr. Jamie Frew to its team of senior advisors. Dr. Frew’s deep technical hydrogen knowledge and practical business experience will further enhance Apricum’s ability to deliver the valuable... read more

To invest or not to invest? The smart grid question

Are varying standards and long sale cycles scaring investors away from a sector with a strong upside? Electrical grids will need at least $14trn investment by 2050 With varying degrees globally, electrical grids are under increasing stress. Renewables, which are... read more