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UK BESS: an evolutionary update

By Apricum Partner Charles Lesser, Louise Dalton, Partner, Energy & Climate Change, CMS and Rajiv Gogna, Partner, Energy Technology & Analytics, LCP. The British Isles are to utility-scale batteries as the Galapagos Islands are to tortoises: the isolated... read more

UAE Joins Net Zero Momentum

The UAE has announced a bold energy policy decision, underscoring its seriousness to becoming Net Zero by 2050. On February 3, 2022, Sheikh Ahmed bin Saeed, chairman of the Dubai Supreme Council of Energy, announced that its flagship 2.4 GW Hassyan coal power plant... read more

The smarter E podcast with Florian Mayr, April 2021

Apricum partner and head of energy storage Florian Mayr was a recent guest on The smarter E podcast, discussing the impact of sustainable batteries. What are the key sustainability concerns, how can they be addressed and what opportunities exist? Florian Mayr is... read more