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Insights into the cleantech industry by Nikolai Dobrott

Nikolai Dobrott

Managing Partner

Nikolai Dobrott has profound technology and market knowledge in the solar, wind and integrated renewable energy industries, combined with deep functional expertise in strategy development, strategic business plan execution and corporate finance.

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What can we expect from Saudi Arabia’s solar ambitions?

We spoke to Nikolai Dobrott about his thoughts on the much-discussed topic of when, by whom, and how the next steps in the development of Saudi Arabia’s solar market will unfold. Mr. Dobrott, in 2012, K.A.CARE released an unparalleled renewable-energy program,... read more

Electricity payback time of a PV system – the facts

Opponents of solar energy tend to circulate the misinformation that a PV module cannot generate the amount of electricity during its lifetime that was used in its production. How much electricity is really needed to make a PV module? To answer this question, let’s... read more